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Founded by artist and equestrian Laura Lee Parker, ICONEQ Designs elevates everyday practical accessories with high quality materials and custom embellishments.

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Unbridle Your Individuality as an ICONEQ Equestrian

As equestrians, we are no strangers to hard work and long days. I’ve lived like many other equestrians - doing whatever it takes to keep horses in my life. I’ve had a variety of jobs since I was thirteen. I left public school for online classes my sophomore year of high school, so I could better balance work and riding. At times, you could find me at the barn at 1:00 in the morning, because that was the only free time I had. At nineteen, I started my career as a tattoo artist, and was able to ride and show more consistently.

It took me four years to realize what Iconeq was. Was it minimalist leather work? Or opulent, hand painted designs adorned with crystals? It swung through a wide spectrum, depending on what inspired me in the moment. There was so much room for variety, and so much space to create. I was trying to decide what to leave behind, so I could figure out what aspect of the equestrian world Iconeq fit into. It felt like someone handed me a grand prix horse, and kept asking me what color cross rails I was going to jump with it. 

Equestrians of all disciplines and walks of life have hugely inspired me. Along with everything from architecture, runway fashion, nature, and so much more. To me, Iconeq was a way to break out of the precedents that had been set for us, and give myself and other equestrians a way to be as refined or as bold as they want. Finally I realized that instead of focusing on the color of the cross rails, I realized I could simply raise the jumps. 

Iconeq started out as an outlet for my own self expression. I quickly found that creating unique and personalized things for other equestrians fueled more creativity and joy than I could’ve imagined. There’s something truly special when someone wears something that was designed just for them or their horse. 

"In a tough industry that runs off of hard work, it’s more important than ever to capitalize the great moments, live life authentically, and have a ton of fun doing it. I hope I can be there to help other equestrians do just that."

laura lee parker, founder of iconeq designs

Custom Order Process

decide what items you would like customized

choose your crystal colors

choose your crystal design or pattern

submit the custom order form, and we will be in touch to finalize the details of your order

custom order form

We will follow up within two days to process your order

upon placing your custom order

After submitting an order form, you can expect to hear from us within two days. The timeline for custom orders fluctuates depending on the time of the year. Most orders are completed within 2 weeks-1 month after we receive your order form.

how long do custom orders take?

We can customize just about everything but the horse! English and Western tack (yes, even saddles), to equestrian apparel and accessories from head to toe. Hats, helmets, shirts, show coats, stock ties, gloves, belts, bags, breeches, jeans, boots, and more!

What types of items can you customize?


As long as they are cared for according to the recommendations we provide, the crystals hold up very well over time. As with all tack and apparel, normal wear and tear over the years can be expected. That being said, I only use the highest quality crystals available, which helps them look lovely for years to come when properly cared for.

How do the crystals hold up over time?

Pricing is based on the complexity and scope of the design, as well as the amount of crystals needed to complete it. Because each order is unique to the customer, each order is gaged on a case-by-case basis. In general, I base pricing starting off of the $50 minimum, which covers up to 100 crystals in just about any application.

How is pricing determined for custom orders?

You can pay an additional "rush fee" of $100 per project (Laura's schedule permitting) to have your order processed and completed within seven business days. Simply mention this in the comment section of your order form.

What if i need my order asap?

Yes. All crystal customization includes a limited 1 year warranty. This warranty is extended only to the direct purchaser of the customized item, and not transferrable in the sale of the item. The warranty covers replacement of up to 10 crystals, with an additional $1 per crystal replacement over 10 crystals. If your item is in need of crystal replacement, please send an email with the subject line titled "Warranty". Please include your full name in the email. Crystal replacement is available at the rate of $2 per crystal outside of the original warranty.

Is there any kind of warranty on crystal customization?

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